MRO and Asset Management System - NERPA EAM

NERPA EAM is a modular information system of accounting and management of industrial enterprise assets, developed by Russian specialists. The system functions cover a full cycle of asset management operations, including financial, reference and reporting information.

Results of implementation of MRO system NERPA EAM:

  • reduction of maintenance and repair costs keeping equipment reliability;
  • increase of the production parameters of equipment without increasing costs.

NERPA EAM is used:

  • in production and repair departments;
  • in service companies;
  • by such specialists as engineers, mechanics, technologists, metrologists, suppliers, economists, accountants.

Advantages of NERPA EAM system:

  • You can buy the MRO system and immediately implement it at the lowest cost!
  • Contracting organizations can use NERPA EAM in the online service mode!
  • Mobile MRO is built into the company's website and it has flexible interface!
  • Business process management for MRO
  • Long-term planning of equipment maintenance costs
  • Single information space for enterprises of any scale

Implementation of MRO system NERPA EAM

The implementation of the asset management software into the enterprise allows automation or simplification of a number of operations related to the management of asset repair and preventive maintenance. The capabilities of the EAM software, which simplify the implementation of the MRO system, include such tools as:
  • Installation, configuration, start of the server;
  • Importation of data from different sources to the database;
  • Free provision of import functionality;
  • User trainings on the customer's premises and remotely;
  • Adaptation of the asset management system to the specifics of the enterprise.
Additional modules of NERPA EAM
It is management of the enterprise technological processes in real time. It is based on automatic systematization, output and generation of control signals on the boards of industrial controllers in the enterprise network.
Enterprise Content Management is a set of applications for managing corporate content/electronic document flow, which is designed to create a single information space of the enterprise.
Customer Relationship Management helps improving sales efficiency by improving customer service. All stored customer data is available in this module: cooperation history, transaction details.

Technical support and service

  • Guarantee maintenance of the management system of the enterprise main assets;
  • Free online advice on installation, configuration and operation of the software;
  • Provision of updates related to the error elimination;
  • Provision of a server for the EAM system operation in the online service mode;
  • Help on optimizing system performance and stability;
  • Provision of MRO system database backup.
The EAM system NERPA allows effective managing of the enterprise assets, reducing maintenance costs, downtime, eliminating errors in the MRO organization.
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