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Product Tech Support and IT Consulting Services from Novosoft

Technical support provided by Novosoft, LLC is a strong part of every product lifecycle. We can answer to any customer question regarding our products, solving issues and helping integrating our software into an IT infrastructure of any enterprise or project. We answer to questions by email or by Skype.
Basic Tech Support Services
We provide free technical support for all our products, including resolving user questions, fixing inconveniencies and providing minor updates and upgrades that add to overall quality and effectiveness of each product. These services are free for a life cycle of a current major version for each product.

Extended Product Support and Services

For such products as NERPA ERP, you can purchase an extended pack of tech support services that includes such things as:
Priority for solving major issues, including adapting software to particular needs;
Discounting or free updating software to new major versions;
Onsite help and fixing issues on a customer enterprise;
Configuring and backing up necessary software databases;
System integration to other products, including importing and exporting data.
Learning and Training
For corporate customers, Novosoft also provides a wide spectrum of services regarding teaching personnel how to implement and use software solutions developed by Novosoft with a maximum efficiency. The training consists of video conferences and webinars.
Product Technical Support: Contacts and Methods
To get a technical support for each particular product, please call us by one of next contacts using a method of calling that is most preferable for you.
The NERPA ERP Solution
Handy Backup Software
Other Products Tech Support
Training Events and System Integration Issues
Do not hesitate to ask us any questions about our products.
We will be glad to answer you as quickly and as fully as possible!