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Repair and Maintenance Reports

NERPA EAM is a system of enterprise asset management. The main functions of NERPA EAM are accounting of main assets in the enterprise, monitoring of their technical condition, management of maintenance and repair, planning and control of maintenance costs, management of repair personnel work, report on the MRO work, arrangement of document flow.
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In the NERPA EAM system there is a basic set of ready-made repair and maintenance reports:
regulation (printed forms of documents);
analytical, including plan-fact reports;
It is possible to modify the basic reports and build arbitrary user maintenance reports.

In the NERPA EAM system the maintenance module provides the following functionality:
Automatic (scheduled) /event formation and sending reports.
Multilevel reports with detailed leveling.
Graphical representation of statistical and analytical diagrams.
Support for a wide range of export formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF).
Administration (control) of user access to repair and maintenance reports.

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