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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Personal Data

Novosoft LLC wishes to respect personal information which may be disclosed to Novosoft LLC through this website. If you choose to give us personal information via the internet, you are doing so of your own choice and consent to us keeping and processing such information to correspond to you. Novosoft LLC does keep track, through this website, of the IP address through which this site is accessed. This data is kept for purposes of analyzing the use which is being made of the website as well as for network security.

The Novosoft Owner Rights

The Novosoft logo and trademark are the legal ownership of Novosoft, LLC.

Novosoft, LLC is the only legal owner of NERPA ERP, NERPA EAM, Handy Backup, Handy Password, RTF TO XML software solutions. The legal ownership rights to these solutions are under protection of the local and international laws. All other mentioned solutions and trademarks are belonged to corresponding owners.

What Is Your Personal Data?

According to the international rules, personal data is the information that allows identifying a user, such as unique user name, account name, registration data, key information about a user (e.g., name, surname, date of birth etc.), as well as any information about user's private life. This information is guarded by special regulations called data privacy policy.

The Novosoft Data Privacy Policy

Novosoft, LLC respects the right of its customers and website visitors to keep their privacy intact. We transfer no personal data to anybody, except the situations directly described by local or international laws. The privacy of personal data is protected by such regulatory acts as GDPR in the European Union, CCPA in California, US, or British laws about private data.

Which Data We Collect?

Our server gets your IP address and other data collected by Web engines, including cookie files (see below). These data have no personal or confidential information, anyway. In addition, we collect the statistic information from different searching engines and third-party analytic software (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Bing, Facebook etc.), taking some data about your browser, cookies and visited websites.

When you fill the forms at the novosoft.net website, you give an agreement for collecting your personal data according to this privacy policy. Some of these personal data include:
● Full Name
● Email
● Organization

We use these data for making a connection with users, such as sending emails and update notifications or organizing tech support calls.

What We Do with Your Personal Data?

The Novosoft, LLC uses your personal data for upgrading its website efficiency, quick responding to user questions and updating overall performance.

Novosoft, LLC never grants access to personal user data to external users and organizations, either for commercial or any other purposes. Your personal information will never be transferred to other organization, except the cases described below:

● You grant us the informed agreement for transferring your personal data to another company (e.g., for taking a tech support related to the third-party software solution).

● Your data are depersonalized completely and are transferred to some statistical service for adding to research pools.

● Your data can be transferred from Novosoft, LLC due to its liquidation, merging or sale to another enterprise.
Important! Personal data of users and visitors from the novosoft.net website is not a separate asset of Novosoft, LLC, and cannot be viewed as an object of contracts or agreements with third-party enterprises!
● Your personal data must be transferred to some authorized structure due to requirements of local or international laws.
Attention! Our company does not collect and transfer any of special personal data categories, including racial and ethnic information about users, their political, religious and cultural preferences, or aspects of user private life!

How We Protect Your Personal Data?

As we respect the right of our users and website visitors to keep their private data confidential, Novosoft, LLC takes special measures for protecting these data, to prevent theft or illegal use of this sensitive personal information.

To avoid data leaking or stealing, the Novosoft, LLC uses the most actual and efficient data protection technologies.

Why We Are Collecting Cookies?

Cookies are the small files generated by a website and containing the crucial information about your browser and web session regarding this particular website. We collect cookies to optimize your interaction with our website, avoid unnecessary advertising, help browsing the website and so on. No data from cookies are transferred to any other person or enterprise.

Your Informed Consent

Using our website, you will agree with our privacy policy terms described here. You do it by your own free will, taking into account all the terms and rules provided on this page.

If you do not agree with any of these terms and rules, please stop using the novosoft.net website immediately.

Novosoft, LLC has a right to change its privacy policy any time in the future. If this situation will take place, we will publish all changes in our privacy policy, describing all changes, rules and disclosing all the circumstances for transferring the personal information to other organizations.

Our Contacts

We are appreciating your trust to our privacy policy. If you still have and questions regarding the privacy policy of Novosoft, LLC or your personal data security, please ask us by any method that you prefer to send us a question: