Handy Backup App: The All-in-One Data Backup and Synchronization Program

Handy Backup is an efficient, convenient and reliable software solution designed for data backup and recovery, as well as for synchronizing data folder content between different modern storage media. It supports automatic backup for all data types, all computers and networks of all architectures.

The basics of Handy Backup is a system of different plug-ins for automatic data backup. Developers constantly expand the list of available plug-ins, allowing Handy Backup to save data from a big choice of sources, such as MySQL tables, Amazon S3 buckets, Hyper-V virtual machines and OneDrive accounts.

Key Advantages of Handy Backup

  • Complete Automation
    Set up a task once, and it will work as defined until you remove or change it, using the provided parameters such as task scheduling, storage selection, encrypting and other extra options.
  • Quick Data Recovery
    Handy Backup allows restoring or transferring backup data to old or new place automatically, including cloning data. It saves unencrypted backups in native data formats, allowing working with copies directly.
  • Scheduling Any Task
    You can set up a task to start at predefined time, as well as to repeat with an exact interval from a single minute to several months. You can also trigger a task to start by system event in advanced mode.
  • A Vast Choice of Modern Storage Media
    The Handy Backup app allows saving data to (or from) almost any modern storage, including local drives, external USB disks, shared network resources, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, WebDAV, S3 and popular online storage.
  • Utilizing Handy Backup for Cloud Storage
    Along with other network data media, Handy Backup directly supports data exchange with key modern cloud services, such as OneDrive/OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box and Google Drive.

Handy Backup Review by Customers and Websites

"The software is intuitive. I got the whole process down in about two or three tries. The reason why it didn't work the first two times was because I setup incorrectly and I didn't have enough disk space for a temp file prior to the backup."

From a user review published on Capterra website
Current user-defined score of 4.3 stars (for a maximum of 5 stars).
"When it comes to files that need to be kept there's no better way to keep them than to make a backup, and boy do I have the solution for you. Handy Backup will take any file or folder and do exactly what the title suggests, make a handy backup. But that's not all folks, it comes with a plethora of nifty tools; think of this product as the Swiss-army knife of backups."
From an editor's review published on CNet website
Current rating of Handy Backup is "outstanding", marked as about 4.5 of 5.

Basic Features of Handy Backup

  • Files and Folders Backup
    Handy Backup can copy, recover and synchronize all types of files and folders selected either manually or by file filter based on name mask with wildcards and available in advanced task wizard mode.
  • Email Backup
    Program allows saving and restoring emails, making automatic backup of Gmail, Outlook or any other local or web mail service via IMAP Servers. In addition, it can perform MS Exchange backup on servers.
  • Database Backup
    With Handy Backup, you can make hot backup for such databases as MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Lotus Notes and almost any other database (via the ODBC driver).
  • FTP and Website Backup
    The Handy Backup app supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols for website static data, and databases (see above) for dynamic content and CMS. It simplifies website security, as well as allows cloning sites.
  • Hard Disk Image Backup
    With the plug-ins Disk Image and System Recovery, as well as the free Disaster Recovery utility, you can create and recover copies of drives and partitions, including system drives with MBR or UEFI boot.
  • Backup Control Methods
    Select a full or partial backup, including incremental and differential backup, or a mixed cycle of full and partial backups. Also, compress and encrypt your backups, keep several versions of a dataset, and so on.
  • GUI and Task Wizard Options
    Control all functions of Handy Backup via the simple GUI. Create new tasks of all types with a step-by-step Task Wizard, working in simple or advanced mode. Run "silent" tasks as Windows service.
  • Backing up Entire Servers
    Handy Backup has tools to save a perfect image of any server, physical or virtual. It supports any type of virtual server engine, including Hyper-V, VirtualBox and VMware. It allows "hot" server snapshots.

Why to Choose Handy Backup App from Novosoft?

  • Affordable Prices, No Commissions and Fees
    We provide a flexible pricing, trying to make most affordable solutions for particular tasks. In addition, when you purchase a copy of Handy Backup, you get a lifetime license for the main product version (the current version is Handy Backup 8). You will pay no hidden fees for anything, including minor upgrades!
  • Technical Support
    The license for any Handy Backup solution already includes tech support for users by either a phone or an email. We are working with each client individually, trying to help you solve any of your issues with an efficiency. Ask any question about Handy Backup, and we will help you as quickly as possible!
  • Customizing and Integrating
    For our enterprise customers and partners, we can not only provide special pricing and bonus programs but also adapt a product to suit all the needs of a particular enterprise or project and make Handy Backup professional, full featured and well-integrated addition to any business!

What Edition Can Match Your Needs?

These are four versions of Handy Backup, oriented on different tasks and IT infrastructures.
The simplest edition for a single PC, the Standard solution supports file and folder backup, saves emails, registry, user folders and Windows libraries, as well as synchronizes folders on typical storage media!
This pro-level variant of Handy Backup support a few extra types of storage, can work with generic databases, and contains the Disaster Recovery utility to make disk image backup and recovery!
The all-in-one Handy Backup edition for a single server or powerful workstation can copy and recover any data out of the box, including making database backup and taking virtual machine snapshots!
The ultimate network-level solution consists of the Management Panel with functions of controlling backup and sync, and a number of Handy Backup Linux and Windows Agents to collect and exchange data from remote servers and workstations via the network of any complexity!