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Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise content management systems (ECM software) automate working with electronic documents of all types. Compared to traditional (and somewhat obsolete) "paper" documents, an ECM program simplifies and quickens all operations over different documents. With an ECM program, an enterprise minimizes errors and losses, optimizes work time consumption for employees, as well as supports all electronic documentation readily available in actual state.
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Who Needs for Enterprise Content Management Software?

The ECM solution is quite different from other ERP modules, as it is used by almost all specialists on all enterprise departments and sections. This approach helps creating a solidary base of knowledges for all structures on an enterprise.

Note: The ECM program that is a part of NERPA ERP solution uses a role-based model for data access, i.e., provides access for all data (including documents) for a user according to his or her role in an enterprise structure. This approach not only provides more data security but also reduces an "information noise" for a particular user, demonstrating only those documents for that a user has an authorized access and a real need for his or her job.

Enterprise Content Management Functions in NERPA Solution

The enterprise content management system realizes such basic functionality as:
Organizing centralized storage for all enterprise documents (in doc/docx, xls, pdf, ...), including copies and photos.
Flexible navigation and searching throughout an ECM solution knowledge base.
Accessing any documentation by every other NERPA ERP module.
Linking documentation to physical objects, e.g. gauges, assets, business processes etc.
Supporting setting up for any business process by creating, merging, keeping and accessing electronic documentation.
Making ready-to-use documentation in PDF for all enterprise assets.

Service and Tech Support for Enterprise
Content Management Software:

Helping to implement an ECM solution to an enterprise and to organize digital workflow;
Warranty service for a ECM program;
Regular updates for an ECM solution, to optimize performance, security and speed;
Backing up all ECM software data.
Key purposes of NERPA enterprise content management system are to automate all business processes traditionally linked to ECM systems, to upgrade efficiency and speed of routine jobs and to keep all documents of an enterprise in actual state.

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