Accounting System of Enterprise Equipment and Tools

NERPA EAM is a system of managing main assets, maintenance and repair. The main functionality of the system is the equipment and tools accounting in an enterprise, which allows seing the technical characteristics of each unit, tracking its location, condition and status, the history of operation and maintenance, viewing all the documentation of the asset.

NERPA EAM Equipment Inventor

The system accounts technological and production equipment, electrical equipment, electromechanical and technical equipment, power, gas and refrigeration equipment, tools, measuring instruments, vehicles.
  • List of various types of enterprise equipment, classification, certification, operating parameters, repair and maintenance standards.
  • Description of complicated structures of complex equipment:
    - an equipment as a part of another equipment,
    - indication of maintenance areas,
    - creation of tree diagrams of technological structures.
  • Linking of equipment to the organizational structure of the enterprise (the structure of the enterprise repair service, the indication of people responsible for operation and maintenance, the indication of accountable persons).
  • Linking of equipment to the enterprise physical structure (indicating addresses, buildings, floors, rooms, maintenance areas at which an object is currently operating and located).
A tree representation of the organizational and physical structure of an enterprise.
  • Tracking the condition of equipment, downtime, maintenance and repair history.
  • Treatment of movement, disposal of equipment, tracking of warranty terms and conditions of the manufacturer in the accounting system of enterprise equipment and tools.
There is a possibility of bar-coding equipment and tools for quick searching and operations using barcode scanners at a distance from the workplace.

The Asset Logs contain the location of the asset, its condition and position.
System of Enterprise Equipment

Equipment Record Card

The detailed description of all types of equipment in the enterprise is presented in the Equipment Record Cards. In the system you can view the regulations, standards and history of maintenance and repair of each piece of equipment.
  • Basic information: identification data, operational data.
  • Asset function.
  • The composition of an asset: other equipment and units included in its composition.
  • Regulations and standards for periodic maintenance of various types of equipment at the enterprise: gas, electrical, electrotechnical, electromechanical, mechanical and power equipment, measuring instruments, vehicles, industrial and technological equipment.
  • Work orders for maintenance of an asset (information about inspections, repairs).
  • Equipment condition, operating time, benchmarks.
  • Change history in the accounting system of the enterprise equipment and tools.
  • Attached documents (repair documentation and other). Possibility of attaching pictures of equipment and any other kinds of electronic documents to the accounting cards of technological, production and other equipment.
  • Comments.
Equipment Record Card

Equipment Preventive Maintenance

The regulations describe step-by-step instructions for performing maintenance and repair of a piece of equipment according to a specified schedule.
The system of accounting equipment and tools NERPA greatly simplifies and automates the enterprise work. By transferring all operations from the record cards of equipment and tools to an automated software, you can achieve a significant reduction in overhead costs and labor, eliminating various problems and errors associated with the enterprise equipment accounting.

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