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Convert RTF to XML

RTF TO XML software converts RTF files created by any program such as MS Word into a file of another text format, including XML, PDF, HTML, PostScript, TXT, PCL, SVG, AWT, Print, MIF or other text-type files. It contains the RTF/XML conversion Java module and an easy-to-use graphical interface (GUI).
How the RTF to XML Converter Works
Using the special rules of conversion, RTF to XML creates well-structured XML docs or XSL/XML pairs including XSL FO specifications. The converter keep intact an internal document structure and a representation of the text inside (including formatting, fonts, pagination and other components).

Supported Formats

Besides the obvious RTF to XML and, logically, XML to RTF conversion, the Novosoft RTF to XML converter program supports almost all popular modern file types for two-way conversion, including:
Converting RTF to PDF and reversely
Turning RTF to HTML and HTML to RTF
Creating DOC files from RTF or HTML, or vice versa
Making a lot of other types of text files converted to another format

Key Features of RTF to XML Software

Selecting Data Formats for Text Conversion
The RTF to XML solution transforms RTF documents to or from XML, PDF, HTML, PostScript, TXT, PCL, SVG, AWT, Print, MIF and some other file types.
Creating XSL Template Pairs
The program allows creating pairs of XSL templates, consisting from a converted text file and an XML file containing corresponding tags to process for extracting data by selected criteria.
Supporting Different Layout Features
The RTF to XML solution supports many layout options, including tables, labels, pictures, colors, fonts, pagination and other components of a modern text file.
Creating Operational Sequences
Using the specially marked records inside a RTF file, the RTF to XML converter allows making and supporting sequences of actions for different purposes.
XSL FO Compatibility
The program is completely compatible with almost any of existing XSL FO software, allowing organizing well-balanced XSL FO workflow processes.
Multi-Language Support
The convert RTF to XML solution supports a couple of languages to control conversion actions, containing 23 pages of RTF encoding and 17 types of font character settings.

Customers about Novosoft

"This company is not only an efficient and skilled software developer but also a trusted, reliable business partner with a great experience in an area of system integration and software implementation. We are well satisfied by selecting Novosoft as our software vendor."
Jon Hockler
"Successful software implementation and a couple of system integration procedures were the marks of efficiency and competency of Novosoft, LLC. We recommend this company as experts in an area of business process automation, regardless of enterprise type and size you control."
Michael Lansport

Controlling RTF-XML Conversion: Java and GUI

RTF TO XML software contains an easy GUI to control all program actions. In addition, you can run it as a Java app or via the command line to batch some actions. For our partners, we also have an option of system integration: you can purchase the RTF to XML module to build it inside some software!

Note: The Java product will run under both Linux and Windows (Win32), with a possibility of integration into client and server-side applications through the Java API.
Licensing Information
You can freely download an evaluation license edition of this software. When a trial period will expire, you must purchase a copy of the program to continue using it. The license contains no fees or hidden commissions, and includes a tech support service.

We also provide consulting and system integration services. To get these services or to request additional business information, please contact us by email support@novosoft.net