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Equipment Preventive Maintenance Plan

NERPA EAM is an automated system for planning maintenance and repair of equipment in an enterprise, in service companies.
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The system allows making a plan of maintenance and repair of various types: current, by technical condition, overhaul. The system monitors the work execution according to the schedule, in accordance with the MRO instruction and the preventive maintenance for the equipment.

The technology of planning the equipment maintenance and repair in the MRO system NERPA EAM is as follows:
Planning, including calendar-network, of the preventive maintenance by forming schedules of equipment maintenance at the enterprise on the basis of the described equipment preventive maintenance, providing a specified periodicity of equipment maintenance, a list of necessary operations, performers, materials and spare parts.
System of notifications of specialists about the deadlines of scheduled and expired works.
Estimate (forecast) of the work cost for the planned period.
Monitoring the plan-fact of work execution on the basis of the approved schedules (maintenance plan and inspections).
Plan-fact analysis of budget performance* - takes into account the planned costs, paid accounts to third parties, actual expenses.
* Functional is under development.

In the NERPA EAM system, the equipment maintenance planning is governed by regulations that provide current repairs, overhauls and repairs according to the technical condition.

Description of Equipment Preventive Maintenance

maintenance intervals;
work types;
equipment maintenance and repair types (inspections, current, repair according to the technical condition, overhaul, emergency);
norms of labor costs;
norms of tool and material use;
requirements for the qualifications and experience of specialists;
requirements for technical safety;
steps of work execution (MRO instructions).
The equipment preventive maintenance helps to fulfill the plan of equipment maintenance and repair in accordance with the schedule, and observing technical norms.

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