Centralized repository of equipment repair and maintenance documentation

NERPA EAM is a MRO system designed for effective management of the enterprise main assets. The purpose of implementing the equipment maintenance system is to increase the production parameters of equipment and reduce the maintenance
cost of main assets.
NERPA EAM systematically stores all equipment accounting documents, preventive maintenance documents, repair documents.

Centralized storage in NERPA EAM is the ability to store and describe reference and regulation documentation for equipment maintenance and repair and other main assets of the enterprise.

System Capabilities

  • Storage of documents of various formats;
  • Fixing repair documentation for the objects of accounting;
  • Classification of documents, description of the document model.

Features of the Equipment Maintenance Documentation Data

The documentation base for equipment maintenance and repair in NERPA EAM provides the following options:
  • Uploading and downloading document files;
  • Addition of new sections, rules and regulations for equipment maintenance;
  • Convenient navigation, searching by attributes;
  • Differentiation of access rights to repair and other documentation;
  • Support for the open CMIS standard for connecting to third-party information resources.
The corporate knowledge base (Wiki) contains instructions for working with the system, provides the opportunity to accumulate useful knowledge, information and materials, as well as edit them and publish them on the portal.

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