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CRM system NERPA – client base and customer relationship management

CRM system included in the NERPA software′s complex automates operations such as client base management and running and building customer relationships for business of any level.

CRM system NERPA – is a program that automatizes client relationship management. Implementation of CRM at the enterprise simplifies customer accounting and maintenance of client base. CRM software is a part of NERPA system.
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CRM System NERPA is Used:

In the departments of marketing, advertising and logistics in all spheres of industry and business;
In accounting, financial transactions and customer service department;
By individual specialists – managers, department heads, operators.
Implementation of Customer Relationship Management system at enterprises allows to achieve such results as increase in sales volume, preservation of all information about clients, optimization of marketing departments, reporting automation and risk reduction.

Functionality of the CRM Software

Doing client relationship: managing transactions and agreements with customers, monitoring the stages of contract realization;
Tracking the sales phase on the transaction, planning events (meetings, calls);
Probability analysis of making a deal and contract realization;
Storage of documents, contacts, notes related to a specific transaction;
Creation of reports and graphs of any profile under enterprise contracts and transactions;
Client base maintenance (customer management);
Saving all actions with transactions executed in the program, in the transaction log.

Benefits of CRM System NERPA

The CRM structure provides users with a number of features that reduce the implementing and operating costs;
Can be purchased as a separate CRM module of the NERPA system;
Easy introduction of Customer Relationship Management system for business of any level and ownership type;
Long-term planning and maintenance of any transactions and client base;
System reliability and simplicity, undemanding to hardware resources;
The program is available as a cloud solution, simplifying the implementation of CRM;
A single information CRM base for all enterprise departments.

Service and Technical Support of CRM System:

Assistance in the implementation of the CRM system in the enterprise;
Warranty service of CRM software;
Providing updates to optimize functioning and eliminate comments;
Risk reduction of client base losing;
Providing a remote cloud server for the CRM base;
Backing up the client base and other Customer Relationship Management data.
The CRM goal is the efficient organization and automation of client relationship in the enterprise, submitting an information environment for customer accounting and transactions using modern CRM technologies.
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