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The Novosoft Partnership Program

Partnership programs of Novosoft, LLC provide extra advantages to collaborate enterprises, from great discounts to distribution features to learning and training, and even rebranding the Novosoft products to our partner resellers. Different solutions have some different partnership options.
The Key Principle of Partnership
We are glad to provide opportunities of partnership to any enterprise customer that has interested in collaboration. We practice an individual approach to each customer, always ready to make or take business offers regarding our product line. Welcome and be our friends!

Product Partnership Programs

The NERPA ERP Solution
We are glad to collaborate with organizations and enterprises providing distribution services to our ERP software. We will provide extended teaching, exploring all the product functionality, as well as distribute all necessary promotional materials including banners, booklets, flyers etc.
Handy Backup
The list of Handy Backup partnership features is slightly bigger than for other software products. Besides making extended distribution and technical partnership, we offer extra development services, including product OEM white label for dedicated resellers, customizing editions and developing extra plug-ins.
RTF to XML Converter
As for the previous solution, we will provide all necessary data and marketing supplements for our authorized resellers who are interested at RTF to XML conversion software. We also provide additional tech and implementation support to help introducing RTF to XML conversion to business processes.

Strategic Partnership

Novosoft, LLC has a status of Microsoft Silver Independent Software Vendor (ISV), for extended support of Microsoft server-level software.
The Novosoft Company has a status of Oracle Partner for many years, due to using Oracle products and making plug-ins to access Oracle databases.
Novosoft is a part of MySQL DevConnect organization, which helps integrating MySQL solutions to different business processes and tasks.

Advantages of Partnership with Novosoft, LLC

Skill and Competence
Our developers create and refine the popular products over the quarter of a century, providing a great amount of skills in such areas as software development and system integration. We always response to the needs of our partners quickly and efficiently!
Clear Licensing and Pricing
We use the business model that provides the clear pricing information to our customers and partners. You can always take all for your money, including tech support, minor updates, discounts to major upgrades and big purchases, product implementation help and IT consulting.
Join us as our trusted business partner! If you are interested, please send us an email to sales@novosoft.net with your offers or questions! We will be glad to talk about any of your business ideas regarding our products!