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Accounting for maintenance cost

NERPA EAM is an automated maintenance and repair management system (MRO) of equipment and other main assets in an enterprise. The result of the implementation of NERPA EAM is the maintenance cost reduction while keeping equipment reliability.
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This MRO system allows planning costs of maintenance and repair of industrial equipment, machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, tools, measuring instruments, buildings, warehouses and other main assets and keeping accurate records of actually incurred costs.

In NERPA EAM maintenance costs are accounted in the following way:
Maintenance of price list for various types of work, assets, performers.
Planning costs on the basis of price lists and planned work scope.
Planning costs by regulations. Cost norms for maintenance and repair of main assets are calculated on the basis of statistics accumulated during use in the database*
Accounting for actually incurred costs for MRO and executed maintenance work, both in the enterprise, and in contract and service organizations.
* Functional is under development.
Planning costs of maintenance and repair

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