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Equipment Condition Monitoring in MRO Industrial Control Systems

NERPA EAM is an industrial control system for maintenance and repair (MRO ICS) of equipment in an enterprise.
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The purpose of MRO ISC is accounting equipment and other major assets in the enterprise, monitoring the equipment condition, management of repair and maintenance, monitoring the work of personeel.

To monitor the equipment condition in the NERRA EAM system there are:
automatic creation of diagnostic plans of a technical condition of the equipment (schedules of works) and execution tracking;
monitoring of equipment benchmark that can be entered manually or downloaded from the SCADA system.
In MRO ISC NERRA EAM the calculation of the time between failures is performed on the basis of the results of equipment condition monitoring.

MRO ISC NERPA monitors the equipment technical condition during its entire operation cycle. Diagnosis of the equipment technical condition using the NERPA solution is made on a planned basis, with the help of the automation of routine management solutions in the field of MRO, as well as continuous monitoring of the equipment technical condition in the enterprise.

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