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Software System For Controlling Real-Time Processes — NERPA SCADA

The SCADA software created by Novosoft LLC is a complex IT tool designed for real-time controlling and monitoring of technical processes.

The main function of SCADA system is the continuous collection of data provided by different technological objects and displaying this information on some interactive control point.

The purpose of NERPA SCADA is to ensure an information workflow between the control center and remote (offsite) operational units, thus centralizing and automatizing some or all the control operations.
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Basic Functions

SCADA system can perform the wide list of operations including:
Real-time data collection from remote controllers and I/O units, both built-in or specialized;
Real-time control over the devices mentioned;
Displaying an information about any process supervised in the clear, easily-comprehensible form;
Forming the statistics and generating reports on demand about technological processes controlled (include graphical representations);
Alarm or crash control, real-time management of critical processes.

Examples Of Implementation

Industrial processes like metallurgical and heavy industry production, energetics etc.
Infrastructure-controlling operations like waste recycling, water clearing, power lines functioning, the integral stability of connecting and alarming systems and much more;
Building internal systems and processes like escalator dispatching, climate controls and power supplement operations.

Benefits Of Web Interface

The client side of Novosoft SCADA is operating through WebSCADA, the clear and simple specialized Web interface. This architecture of client workbenches brings some advantages, e.g.:
Cheap and simple installation and administering of client workstations;
Wide compatibility with all popular browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer of versions 7 and later);
Fast overall system installation and configuration.


NERPA SCADA supports the big collection of features just out-of-the-box; these features can be expanded further by customization. Some included features are:

  • Cross-platform architecture based on Java allows to run SCADA software under any OS;
  • Expandability and scalability — no extra effort needed to include a new controlled element or process in the system already working, as is to add a new user as an operator;
  • Supporting a lot of controller types due to extended links with most standard communication protocols include OPC, Serial & TCP Modbus, ASCII, DNP3, IEC101, Bacnet, Galil, HTTP, JMX, M Bus, NMEA, 1-wire, OpenV4J, Fhz4j, Pachube, Serotonin Persistent, POOP3, SNMP, Spinware, SQL, IEC101, Dr.Storage, Mitsubishi Alpha2 and much over;
  • Customizable operator´s screen tuned according to the needs of the specific user;
  • A choice of methods for informing the operator about crucial events, these including E-mail notifications;
  • Automatizing and scheduling processes via different scripts and batches;
  • An option to categorize any event in the process controlled by type, such as normal, warning and failure events;
  • Role-based model of access to overall system functions, restricting an unauthorized personnel from access to security-sensitive data and reports;
  • The set of editors allowing design any report form according to current needs of the staff;
  • Export of data collected in the form of .csv files (compatible with MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc and Google Docs);
  • Possibility of integration with enterprise or external IT systems already used in business processes into the common data workflow.
Novosoft SCADA Screenshot

Deep Integration with NERPA Metrology Software

The NERPA Metrology software, created also by Novosoft LLC, is aimed to automatize the enterprise-level business processes in an area of metrological operations. NERPA SCADA can be deeply and effectively integrated with ASOMI system on the level of data storage. Benefits from this integration includes:
Common single list of authorized users marked by their roles provides users the possibility to get some necessary information from one package to another;
Unified database of metrological tools used in real-time industrial control and data-collection operations;
Automatic receiving of any data necessary to proceed in SCADA from ASOMI.
Organizing the overall metrological workflow is the common industrial process. Fully controlled by automation and operators, and reporting of this activity according to the demands of local law.
To learn more about SCADA software, please contact us by E-mail: sales@novosoft.net