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Equipment Maintenance Manual | MRO Directory

NERPA EAM is an automated control system for maintenance and repair of main assets in an enterprise.
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This MRO system allows keeping records of assets in the enterprise, plan works and costs for maintenance and repair, and monitor the equipment condition and repair personnel, also it contains equipment maintenance and repair manuals, and stores all the necessary documentation in various formats. Moreover, the NERPA EAM system has a unique online service that allows working with contractors and service companies in the system environment, increasing the effectiveness of interaction and reducing the cost of reconciliation.

The NERPA EAM system contains standard and user equipment manuals, equipment classifiers, maintenance types directories, service manual for equipment, which describes the procedure of maintenance and repair for various types of equipment.

Manual types in the MRO system NERPA EAM:

Directories on equipment, classifiers of equipment: branch, professional, international, etc.
Description of the equipment models: contains the characteristics and parameters of the equipment.
Directories for accounting of works by MRO types.
User manuals on MRO (types and methods of maintenance and repair of equipment, maintenance programs - maintenance procedures, maintenance cards, etc.)

System Features

The NERPA EAM maintenance and repair manuals have the following features:
NERPA EAM maintenance and repair manuals

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