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ERP NERPA Solution: Modular Enterprise Resources Planning Software

ERP software NERPA allows automating and controlling all enterprise resources planning functions, such as asset management, logistics, sales and warehouse management, financial and employment control and creating business reports. It uses a local server or a dedicated cloud, via the Web interface.

ERP: What Is It?

ERP Definition
The ERP is an acronym for "enterprise resources planning", a complex task of managing all business resources of all types in a deep interaction. These "resources" are assets, clients, employees, warehouse capacity, finances and many other things. Using the ERP system meaning controlling it all at once!
Popular ERP System Examples
The modern IT world provides too many ERP examples even to just mention the most valuable. The first and still popular ERP solution was the SAP, a big, mighty and pricy enterprise asset managing solution from 80's. Modern modular ERP system often gives some extra flexibility and affordability to users.

Principal Advantages of NERPA as a Program for ERP

The basic task for all ERP solutions is to automate as many business processes as possible. To achieve this goal, the ERP system NERPA includes the next modules:
Enterprise Asset Management. A module for managing assets, organizing maintenance and repair, reporting asset status, planning necessary maintenance actions etc.
Customer Relationship Management. A ERP CRM module, designed for controlling the client and sales base, including making contracts, maintaining client contacts and so on.
Supply Chain Management. A module for tracking orders and maintaining contacts with vendors, actual prices and other things related to external supplies.
Enterprise Content Management. A module for automating and maintaining electronic documentation of every type for ERP tasks.
Human Resources. A module for managing databases of employees, certifying qualifications, planning worktime and vacations, etc.
Financial Analysis. A financial module of ERP allowing controlling funds, deposits, making financial reports and analytics, and helps planning other ERP actions.
Warehouse Management System. A module for warehouse and inventory management automates controlling data about warehouse usage, location of goods and so on.
Business Information. This module of NERPA ERP stands for a reporting program, providing reports about every necessary aspect of enterprise resources.
High Adaptability of NERPA ERP
Among ERP solutions, the NERPA is very customizable, and you can easily adapt it to your preferred language, enterprise standards and local laws, rules of reporting and other parameters. In addition, you can integrate all modules of NERPA ERP software between each other, or with external programs.
The Web Client Interface for Computers and Mobile Devices
The ERP solution provides a unified Web interface for users, which works equally well on computers, laptops and mobile devices via the standard Web browser. This feature allows ERP software to have no special client side, adding to both security and simplicity of system implementation on an enterprise!
The Modular Architecture and Cloud Technologies for Fast ERP Implementation
You can construct a particular NERPA ERP configuration from those modules you need only, simplifying the overall job and cutting unnecessary expenses. The ERP solution can work on a local enterprise server, with only moderate hardware requirements, or utilize a dedicated cloud to run.
The Role-Based Data Access Model: Information Security and User Convenience
Users have some level of access to ERP data, with restrictions based on a role of a particular user in an enterprise structure. This approach minimizes risks for unauthorized access to crucial data, and simplifies daily workflow of a particular user, removing actions with unnecessary data!

What ERP System Gives to an Enterprise?

Due to key features described above, the NERPA ERP system gives the next advantages to an enterprise:
Minimal hardware requirements for implementing ERP software.
High efficiency and data security.
Vast possibilities for system integration.
Controlled configuration of necessary ERP modules for minimizing prices.
Flexible setup and workflow parameters.

Key Hardware Requirements for NERPA ERP System

The principal hardware requirement is a stable network connection either to a local network (for server-based versions of ERP software) or to the Internet (for cloud-based version). Other hardware parameters are much less principal and usually do not exceed capabilities of any modern computer.

Note: These hardware requirements can slightly change for particular enterprises, especially with very big quantity of resources. In the latter case, the ERP system can require extra storage capacity for bigger databases, as well as a bit more productive CPU to process these databases more quickly!

Why to Choose NERPA ERP?

Clear and Affordable Price Tags
The NERPA solution provides you all what ERP system can give for a very affordable price. Purchase only those modules that you need for your business tasks and projects. Get free support and minor updates. Buy extra modules and services, and all other components of ERP software whenever you need!
Strong Technical Support
Novosoft, LLC gives an individual approach for each customer, including tech support issues. We are ready to solve any of your problems or answer to any question considering the ERP solution. Please contact us to get a quick and detailed answer to any of your ERP-related issues!
Customizing and Integrating ERP Software
We can rebuild, remaster or even rebrand any of our ERP components to our customers, providing the deep integration of NERPA modules to any particular business model and infrastructure! For our partners, we provide many extra features from special price tags to complete product remastering!
Note: Novosoft, LLC is a legal owner of NERPA ERP solutions and parts. Therefore, it has all rights to this ERP product, including the right to reconfigure, resell or rebrand it!

Customers about Novosoft and NERPA Modules

"The achieved results allow us making a decision that the implementation of NERPA ERP system on our enterprise was an efficient, viable and reliable solution. Novosoft, LLC is a trusted and responsible partner that can solve all issues as quickly and effectively as even possible…'

"In the phase of ERP modules implementation, the Novosoft, LLC showed its team professionalism and presented a high-quality solution. Novosoft, LLC is a competent developer and a reliable partner, which can successfully solve all tasks of ERP development, implementation and maintenance."

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