Equipment Service Maintenance Management

NERPA EAM is a MRO system, i.e. a program for automating equipment maintenance and repair. The system is effective for the organization of equipment maintenance within the production company, as well as for management of equipment maintenance service by third parties.
NERPA EAM can be used to manage the maintenance service of different equipment: technological, commercial, industrial, compressor, pumping, boiler, gas, climate, refrigerant, medical, laboratory, dining, kitchen, food, glass, water treatment equipment.

Management of equipment maintenance service in our MRO system means coordinating actions with service companies using online NERPA EAM service, performing a list of works in accordance with the equipment maintenance schedule.

The contractor (service company for equipment maintenance) receives special access to the NERPA EAM system for specified work orders and connects online through the browser from anywhere in the world. Information security and clear delineation of rights are observed.
Equipment Service Maintenance Management
All the document flow (orders, contracts, invoices, payment orders, acts) and reports are conducted in the NERPA EAM system.

Business processes of interaction are adjusted; work execution is tracked by equipment maintenance schedules.

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