Repair and Maintenance Management System

NERPA EAM is a MRO system, maintenance management software for equipment and other main assets in an enterprise.
In the MRO system, on the basis of the planned works, MRO schedules are made, work orders are automatically formed for all types of repair work (planned maintenance, preventive maintenance, current repair, overhaul). Then the control of the work execution is carried out: mailing of notifications of the start dates, compilation of reports on the results and costs.

The equipment maintenance management in the MRO system NERPA EAM consists of the following components:
  • Automatic generation of work orders in accordance with the preventive maintenance (inspections, scheduled maintenance).
Automatic generation of work orders
  • Accounting for failures, formation and maintenance of unscheduled repairs and maintenance of equipment.
  • Dispatching the work order execution (both for periodic and unscheduled types of repair work in the enterprise).
  • Equipment repair and maintenance management by contracting company is possible in the online connection of counterparties to the MRO system NERPA EAM through the web-interface. Thus, the efficiency of solving organizational issues is increased, the time for document coordination and stage-by-stage control is reduced.
  • Maintenance and control of the work execution on the MRO schedule: monitoring the equipment condition, downtime, the work history on the repair and maintenance.
In NERPA EAM there are ready-made reports on the work done results, on the maintenance and repair actual costs. And also it is possible to create analytical reports for the enterprise's requests.
  • Reporting on the work order execution: the scope of work, working hours, used materials and incurred costs, involved employees, work results.
  • Automatic calculation of the coefficients: the average time between failures, the average recovery time after an accident and others - it is configured on demand and presented in the form of reports, graphs and histograms.

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