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Novosoft Software Solution for Business

Company Novosoft LLC produces business software solutions and also provides services for customizing its solutions
to meet customer needs.

ERP platform NERPA

NERPA is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, based on different modules and Web interface for automating recource-related business processes of any enterprise.

Main modules of the NERPA system:

This module governs asset management, as well as planning and scheduling maintenance procedures.
This module creates different reports based on data generated by other ERP software components.
This ERP module forms and controls the database of customers and contracts in all stages of fulfillment.
By using this module, employees automate contacts with vendors and logistic operations.
The SCADA software is a complex IT tool designed for real-time controlling and monitoring of technical processes.
This solution automates operations with enterprise personnel and provides necessary links between the database of employees and other ERP modules.
Users can control finances and accounts that belong to an enterprise by using this module, as well as optimizing costs and expenses.
The NERPA ERP module allows business process automation, analysis and improvement for any enterprise.
The extended warehouse management system is a key for successful operations of other enterprise resource planning systems.
This module stores and governs different documents among the enterprise.
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