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Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Improvement with BPM System

Business process management software (BPMS), implemented as a module by the NERPA ERP solution, allows business process automation, analysis and improvement for any enterprise. By using the BPM system NERPA, you get the perfect business process modeling tool.
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Utilize BPMS solution:

To make an abstract operational model for any particular business process or production stage;
In business process improvement by thorough computation all interactions between processes;
For business process automation, controlling and managing by responsible employees.
The main advantage of the BPMS solution is in using an abstract model with predicted and computable properties, allowing using computational methods for optimizing all details of any particular process or action, as well as automating control over business processes on all stages.

Business Process Automation via BPMS

The solution for business process management included in NERPA software contains the next set of basic and optional features:
Tools for business process modeling on formal mathematic methods;
Visualizing business process components, stages and courses;
Detailed business process analysis for each particular stage or operation;
Imitated processes for controlling and optimizing an abstract model before its implementation;
Defining tasks, stages and personnel in charge for each stage of business process management;
Business process automation and control on a stage of real enterprise operations;
Reporting about business process analysis according to existing standards and rules.

Advantages of Business Process Management with NERPA BPM

Due to architecture and technologies lying in a core of business process automation system NERPA BPM, it provides some key features for reducing implementation and production expenses, as well as for simplifying teaching employees how to work with this BPMS.
Simple introduction onto any enterprise;
Simplicity and reliability of system architecture;
Allowing either installation on a local server or working as a cloud solution;
Cross-platform Web interface supporting desktops, laptops and mobile devices;
Common business process management database for all enterprise departments and structures.

Business Process Improvement Service and Tech Support:

Supporting an implementation of BPM system and business process modeling;
Tech support of BPMS software solution covered by warranty;
Regular updates for more functionality, security and convenience;
Backing up business process improvement data.
The main goal of BPM system NERPA is an efficient business process modeling, analysis and controlling, including optimizing cross-functions for different processes and procedures, as well as providing comfortable environment for business process management on all levels. It also allows checking efficiency of business process automation, including reducing a probability of human errors at any stage where business process management software will take care.

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