Financial Analytics Software: FA System

FA system (financial analytics software) is the part of the NERPA ERP solution for financial assets management. The functionality of FA module includes different financial operations and reports for enterprise accounts.

ERP software NERPA is the modular solution for enterprise resource planning and system integration. The functionality of NERPA allows enterprise asset management, warehouse and financial control, contract tracking and planning, governing personnel and documentation, as well as creating business analytics and reports. The modular structure of this software, as well as possibility to run an entire system in a cloud and a Web-based user interface without installable client side, provide high efficiency and owning cost reduction.

Who Can Use Financial Assets Management System?

The FA system on an enterprise will help in daily job for those employees:
  • Specialists in finance analytics;
  • CEOs and department managers;
  • Clerks who make financial analytics reports.

Key Features of Finance Analytics System

The FA system module provides next functionality to its users:
  • Automation of financial assets management for an enterprise;
  • Transparent account and payments management;
  • Creating featured reports about finance analytics and assets;
  • Quick notifications about any financial analytics issues and topics.
Note: FA system uses the same role-based model of data access as all other modules of NERPA ERP. Therefore, a user can access only those data that are needed for his or her role. This strategy not only protects finance analytics data from unauthorized accessing but also simplifies job for any particular user, removing unnecessary data from user workspace.

Service and Tech Support for Financial Analytics Software

The NERPA FA system has a well-developed supporting program, both for tech support and for implementation issues.
  • Implementing and adapting the FA system according to customer requirements;
  • Warranty and tech support for removing any problem or solving current issues;
  • Regular updating bringing more convenience and functionality to users;
  • Secure backup for finance analytics data.
The main function of financial analytics software module in the NERPA ERP solution is the system integration of financial assets issues into the complete infrastructure of enterprise management, as well as in creating reports about all actions in the financial assets management area.

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