Business Analytics and Intelligence Software Program

BI system (Business Intelligence) is the reporting module for business analytics based on data collected from several enterprise structures and departments. The business analytics program is a part of NERPA ERP solution used by all other software modules.

Who Uses Business Analytics and Intelligence?

Every employee who uses different modules of NERPA has a need for business intelligence. Examples of personnel positions for constant implementation of business analytics software are:
  • Workers, operators and crews controlling different business-related operations.
  • Managers and chiefs of departments, for reporting and controlling activities of employees.
  • CEOs, for strategic business analytics, resource planning and eliminating problems.
  • Personnel of financial, warehouse and other departments, for accounting current information.

Functionality of the BI System

The business analytics program allows automating the next list of different operations related to business intelligence tasks:
  • Making contemporary, draft and final reports about different business operations.
  • Systematizing data for business analytics, to make strategic decisions and eliminating troubles.
  • Accounting, predicting, consolidating different statistics for taking more efficient actions.
  • Monitoring KPI parameters, as well as controlling matching different standards and regulations.
  • Informing managers about execution of different tasks in progress, employee assignations, parts and components availability etc.

Service and Tech Support for the BI System

  • Implementation of business intelligence software onto an enterprise;
  • Warranty service for the BI system;
  • Education on business analytics for employees;
  • Regular updates of the business intelligence system for enhancing efficiency and security;
  • Backing up reports and business intelligence data on a regular basis.
The Business Intelligence system module of NERPA ERP is a crucial part of overall business processes automation. With the business analytics program, NERPA allows informing employees, managers and auditing personnel about all necessary aspects of enterprise operations.

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