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Warehouse Management System: Inventory Accounting

WMS software for NERPA ERP is a complex warehouse management system that provides complete supply accounting. The inventory management system allows linking warehouse data to other modules of NERPA ERP for detailed planning different business processes that use warehouse supplies.
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Which Employees Use the Inventory Management System?

Warehouse Management System
The key area of implementation for warehouse management software is for these employees:

  • Warehouse personnel directly responsible for inventory accounting
  • Managers of other departments who make work orders for jobs using warehouse content
  • CEOs and senior managers of an entire enterprise
  • Sales and financial managers, controlling, auditing and accounting personnel

Inventory Accounting: Principal Functions of WMS Software

The warehouse management system automates the next processes related to inventory and warehouse activities on an enterprise:
Managing warehouse storage and keeping
Acceptance and issuance (shipment) of warehouse inventory
Assigning employees to warehouse jobs
Making reports and notifications about warehouse content
Automating inventory accounting
For working in warehouse management software employees can use both desktop (laptop) and mobile devices, allowing mobility for personnel using the WMS module in their daily jobs.

Tech Support and Service for WMS Software

Supporting the implementation of warehouse management system on an enterprise
Integration of WMS software with other modules of NERPA ERP and external programs
Tech support and warranty service for inventory management software
Constant minor updates for optimizing speed and convenience
Database backup for WMS and inventory data
The key task for implementing a WMS module of NERPA ERP is automation for all inventory accounting, immediate notification for personnel about warehouse-related information, simplifying documentation workflow and eliminating problem places and human errors from all WMS operations.
If you want to see the practical implementation of NERPA ERP and its inventory management system,
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