Human Resources Management: HR System

HR system (or personnel management software) allows automating human resources management, employee positions and roles, structures and departments, as well as helps distributing employees by tasks and signing responsible managers for different tasks and business processes.

Note: The human resources system is a crucial part of the NERPA ERP solution, integrated modular software for enterprise resource planning. The HR system allows providing a role inside the NERPA solution, which defines what tools and data a particular employee will have at hand in all enterprise planning software modules.

Operating Areas for Human Resources Software?

The next groups of specialists and managers use the human resources management module in their daily practical job:
  • Department and project managers controlling daily work orders or different long-term operation assignments.
  • The NERPA administrators who set up roles for employees in a personnel management module, to grant them an access to particular data and actions.
  • CEOs, HR managers, financial control structures and other departments where human resources management optimization can save efforts, money and time.

Functionality of Human Resources Management

Human resources management system software provides the next basic functionality:
  • Setting up a role and privileges in the NERPA solution for each particular employee.
  • Quick searching for a particular employee's personal data, functions and responsibilities.
  • Making an employee a responsible person for some operation, contract or business process.
  • Editing and managing personal data of employees.
  • Creating different reports that include human resources software data.

Service and Tech Support for a Human Resources System

The NERPA FA system has a well-developed supporting program, both for tech support and for implementation issues.
  • Implementing an HR system on an enterprise;
  • Warranty and tech support for an entire solution;
  • Regular updates of HR system software module, for more convenience and security;
  • Backing up data about enterprise employees.
We are constantly developing our HR system, providing more and more different options for automating personnel management. The human resources management software is a part of the NERPA, allowing quick and reliable enterprise resources planning.

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