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Supply Chain Management and Logistics: SCM System

Supply chain management is a system for controlling the enterprise logistics management on all steps. The supply chain management system (SCM) allows automating control and reports over all these operations, allowing smoother and much more efficient operations.
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Supply Chain Management Software Tasks

The automation of logistics management and SCM operations synchronizes all stages of any logistic operation in an enterprise. Using the SCM system allows solving such routine tasks as:
Supply Chain Management System
  • Automatic searching of suppliers and contractors;
  • Building database of enterprise suppliers, with contacts and commercial data;
  • Making and supporting standard logistic contracts;
  • Logistics management, scheduling supply operations;
  • Warehouse planning, connections with warehouse management software;
  • Production and selling management according to current supply schedules;
  • Distributing responsibilities for different SCM operations and stages between employees;
  • Avoiding human errors and creating clear, informative SCM reports.

Features of the SCM System

In a unified ERP environment, the supply chain management system must meet all requirements for SCM enterprise operations, as well as provide deep integration with other ERP modules, such as WMS, EAM, BI and other components of ERP software solution.

Basic Functionality of Supply Chain Management Software

Searching for supply and logistics management companies;
Making contracts and purchasing orders;
Controlling all stages of SCM operations;
Heuristic and prognostic SCM analysis;
Making SCM system reports.

The Architecture of Supply Chain Management System

Besides deep integration to other ERP system modules, the SCM system must meet some modern requirements of implementation efficiency and operational convenience. To meet these requirements, supply chain management software provides such features as:
Utilizing desktops, laptops and even mobile devices as user workstations;
Selection between server-based and cloud-based models of SCM data distribution;
Role-based data model that secures data from an unauthorized access and simplify job;
The SCM system integration to other modular components;
The client-server centralized architecture for the supply chain management system;
Flexible system of report creation to meet different standards and law requirements.
The implementation of supply chain management software module to a complex ERP solution allows including the SCM system into an overall ERP strategy, along with warehouse controlling software (Inventory) and asset management (EAM). Try all the might of our modular ERP solution! You can order the demonstration of our software just now!