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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems | NERPA ERP

NERPA ERP software is the modular enterprise resource planning solution for companies working any area of industry. The NERPA ERP platform utilizes the Web interface and a server-based architecture to simplify the ERP implementation and personnel training.

NERPA ERP schema

The NERPA ERP solution is the modular, multi-purposed enterprise resource planning system for companies in any area of industry. Based on client-server or cloud architecture, it provides the Web interface for static and mobile devices, granting convenient access to system data for any employee.

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Key Features of NERPA ERP Platform

System Integration to Common ERP Platform

The basic task for NERPA ERP software is to automate as many business processes as possible. Among the dedicated ERP modules are such dedicated programs as:

  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management). This module governs asset management, as well as planning and scheduling maintenance procedures.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This ERP module forms and controls the database of customers and contracts in all stages of fulfillment.

  • BI (Business Information). This module creates different reports based on data generated by other ERP software components.

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management). This module stores and governs different documents among the enterprise.

  • HR (Human Resources). This solution automates operations with enterprise personnel and provides necessary links between the database of employees and other ERP modules.

  • FA (Financial Analytics). Users can control finances and accounts that belong to an enterprise by using this module, as well as optimizing costs and expenses.

  • WMS (Inventory). The extended warehouse management system is a key for successful operations of other enterprise resource planning systems.

  • SCM (Supply Chain Management). By using this module, employees automate contacts with vendors and logistic operations.

ERP International Implementation

The NERPA ERP solution is multi-language, allowing making the interface on any language, as well as customizing the system to any type of local, industrial and government standards. Besides the interface, you can also tune up representations for any data.

Web Interface for Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices

The ERP system provides an easy-to-use Web interface, either for keyboard-based laptops and desktops or for mobile devices. This solution requires no installation for client side, greatly simplifying ERP implementation on an enterprise. Here are advantages for key performance optimization, such as:

  • Reduced time for introduction of ERP systems and teaching personnel;
  • Much lower costs for deployment of ERP solution on an enterprise;
  • Increased mobility for any employee using the program for daily work;
  • Enhanced reaction speed of personnel in response to any workflow request or problem.

Role-Based Data Access: Convenience for Users, Security for Data

Access rights to ERP solution data depend from the role of a particular user in the enterprise resource planning systems. The role-based model not only denies unauthorized permission to crucial data but also simplifies all operations for employees, limiting data selection to principal information only!

Modular and Cloud Architecture: Quick ERP Implementation

The modular structure of the NERPA ERP system allows creating a particular configuration from only those modules required on an enterprise. In addition, the ERP platform can use either a local enterprise server or a dedicated cloud to operate, reducing the implementation efforts and costs.

Advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning with NERPA

According to key features described above, the NERPA ERP provides such convenient features:

  • Minimal requirements to hardware (up to almost no requirements for cloud version).
  • High efficiency and data security based on the role access.
  • Controllable configuration of ERP modules for matching the needs of an enterprise.
  • Customizable interface and parameters, adaptable to all business processes and regulations.

NERPA ERP System: Hardware Requirements

The key requirement for ERP program modules is the stable and enough fast connection to a local network (Internet - for cloud-based version), due to architecture of Web-based user interface. All other requirements for hardware are mediocre.

Caveat! Particular enterprises can have more strict requirement for hardware, depending primarily from quantity of records in different ERP databases, e.g. for many employees, contracts, assets and so on!

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