Master Data Management Software

MDM solution is a program created for master data management. It governs key data for different business applications, assuming that these data are relatively stable and almost never change during daily work. Theerefore, reference data management is an irregular but still crucial business process, and an MDM system helps to automate it, as well as to provide system integration with other parts of enterprise resource planning.

What Master Data Management Purpose Is

The biggest task for an MDM solution is constant checking of reference data for consistency, as well as de-duplicating and removing redundancy, for cleaning business processes from these potential obstacles. Master data management software controls all business processes by restrictions provided by acts, regulations and other sources of potential reference data.

MDM Solution: Key Tasks

Tools for master data management solve the next typical tasks:
  • Collecting and sorting actual master data and reference information.
  • Cleaning systems from obsolete data.
  • Comparing master data with current parameters of business processes.
  • Informing employees about master data values and changes.

Which Employees Use a MDM Solution?

Almost all personnel of an enterprise somehow use MDM software data, as these data are in use for most business processes and production control actions. For example, when linked to specialized NERPA ERP modules, the MDM solution can serve for any employee as a source of crucial information about most basic and advanced requirements.

MDM Software Implementation for NERPA

For the ERP solution NERPA, most tools for master data management are concentrated in the ECM module. This module allows electronic documentation, fully integrated with other parts of NERPA and provides access for all documents and reference data management for all employees according to their roles in an enterprise.

Crucial Features of ECM Module as MDM Program

  • Saving, sorting and providing all documentation in electronic form.
  • Exporting and importing master data in all popular formats.
  • Quick informing employees about changes and problems.
  • Cataloguing data and making classifications.
  • Easy-to-use Web interface either for desktop or mobile devices.
  • Tech support, implementation and personnel training.
By using NERPA as decision support system, users can also call for shared experience of other enterprises, which flows in the form of abstract solution through different meetings and events organized by Novosoft, LLC for its customers.

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