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Manufacturing Execution System: MES

Manufacturing execution system (MES) software governs the area of automation manufacturing goods on an enterprise, from such actions as warehouse control or logistics to every manufacturing and business process in a basic operational chain. The MES solution is in a transitional (or unified) position between ERP and SCADA systems, allowing controlling both manufacturing and business operations.
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Advantages of MES Software

The implementation of a manufacturing execution system on an enterprise brings some basic advantages to organization and control of activities, such as:
Accurate planning of all manufacturing and operational costs, with possible reduction;
Reducing wastes and scrap due to efficient operational controlling;
Increasing uptime for enterprise assets and efficiency of worktime for employees;
Tracing and controlling additional information of a product cycle by paperless works;
Eliminating inconsistencies between different operations, departments and activities.

Basic Functionality of a MES System

The set of basic functions that a MES solution can control and bring includes such controlled and automated actions as:
Governing product definition, description, documentation and producing rules;
Managing resources, assets, warehouse capacities and other production-related things;
Automating production operations, including scheduling and controlling processes;
Tracking and tracing the production, from executing production orders to delivering goods;
Reporting and auditing every stage of production and business actions.

How MES Software Corresponds to Other Programs and Systems

Basically, a MES solution can be a combination of different levels of automating systems, from SCADA software for controlling separate technological processes to an ERP system for governing an entire resource planning strategy. This means that any integrated complex software can grow into a full MES system. For example, Novosoft, LLC provides a complete set of different level solutions, which you can fully integrate into a complete manufacturing execution system. The advantages of such system are almost countless, including such things as:
A convenient, Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allows using mobile devices;
A possibility of complete localization for every interface component;
Modern-style cloud solutions available among with traditional client-server software;
Teaching and training for employees using the solution;
Role-based data access model that secures data from unauthorized access and simplifies work.
If you are interested in perspectives of using NERPA or other Novosoft solutions as manufacturing execution software, please contact us to get a product demonstration.