What Is Decision Support System Software: Definition and Program

Decision Support System (DSS) is a software solution that helps managers to make crucial decisions by providing actual data reports and making strategic accounting based on an artificial intelligence (AI) prediction and on mathematical model of different business processes. A good enterprise planning system is a perfect data source for typical DSS software.

The DSS Definition

A DSS program is always an IT tool, not just a set of complicated management protocols. The DSS software principle is always based in such concepts as artificial intelligence (AI), mathematical models and strategic prediction, and, therefore, requires much more extended knowledge and skills to make it than a typical information system. By taxonomy, DSS software divides by driving principles. Some of these principles will be listed below, with a description what is decision support system based on it is like to do:
  • Communications allows corporate coworking with a shared task.
  • Data supports a basic information exchange, governed by roles of employees.
  • Document is another exchanging model, based on unstructured documents workflow.
  • Knowledge provides data about solving earlier problem situations by facts, charts and rules.
  • Model contains predictable mathematical models for every different business process.
A typical decision support system combines all these approaches in some proportions. For convenience, most data required by any of these approaches are often the parts of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) database modules.

The Methods of Decision-Making

As explained before, DSS programs are based on artificial intelligence, neural networks, heuristic analysis with a profound modeling, and searching an existing solution in an extended knowledge base. Regardless of a particular decision support system implementation, the fundamental technology of DSS software is always a base of mathematical models that allows building up an acceptable solution based on problem evaluation and previous practice on solving these types of problems.

NERPA as Decision Support System

In the NERPA ERP solution, the analytics module BI is an implementation of a DSS program. This module creates business reports, accounting and evaluating different enterprise data, rules and documents.

Advantages of BI Module as a DSS Program

By using the BI module as decision-making software inside NERPA ERP, users get some advantages over a separate DSS program:
  • No additional costs for purchasing DSS software separately.
  • Deep system integration with other NERPA modules.
  • A well-developed base of mathematical models for different business processes.
  • Simple data export and import in many formats.
  • Easy adaptation for different management strategies.
By using NERPA as decision support system, users can also call for shared experience of other enterprises, which flows in the form of abstract solution through different meetings and events organized by Novosoft, LLC for its customers.

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