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Manufacturing Execution System: MES

PLM system (product lifecycle management) is a set of management procedures and business processes that governs an object production through all stages of its existence, from development to production to going scrapped. Product lifecycle management meaning implementing these procedures, either by managing actions or automatically, due to using of dedicated software for product lifecycle management (a PLM system). This PLM software can be integrated with some other systems, including production management and enterprise resource planning programs.
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What is PLM Software by Functions

A PLM system governs the next stages of product lifecycle and related operations:
Production planning and development;
Producing an unit of a product;
Warehouse and selling operations over the product;
Product implementation and maintenance;
Temporary decommissioning and capital repair of a production unit;
Product modifications and upgrading;
Removing a production unit from service;
Scrapping a production unit.
On every stage of this activity, the PLM system guides and simplifies all personnel actions, as well as informs about every aspect of a current stage, and helps running all stages conveniently.

Advantages of PLM Software

Software for product lifecycle management, compared to just a set of managing procedures, provides the next advantages to employees on an enterprise:
Clear reporting and documenting for each stage of product lifecycle;
Automatic planning all actions related to a pre-defined product lifecycle;
Informing employees about required actions and procedures related to a product.
For a PLM system, complex modern ERP solutions such as NERPA are the viable source of information. If you are interested about how to manage a NERPA solution for PLM software implementations, please ask us about any questions by sending us a letter.

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