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Cloud Backup Service HBdrive.com – The Resizable Remote Storage For Your Data

Remote Backup Service

Welcome to Novosoft Online Backup service HBdrive.com, the strong and fast, well-established private cloud specially designed for offsite keeping of the most valued data. Secured storage, powerful enough to easily keep all the actual information from some different servers and workstations on many different networks, this cloud service provides you the perfect place for data backup.

To use the Remote Backup service you need first to obtain a copy of Handy Backup software. Then you can create an account on the specialized cloud site, HBdrive.com. After the registration, the new cloud backup storage location can be accessed from Handy Backup user interface, allowing using this service as the storage media in different backup tasks.

Benefits and features

Storing your backup data online on HBdrive cloud has some advantages over traditional methods of data safekeeping.

  • Offsite storage. No any local failure, mishap or accident with your hardware can deprive you from your data stored on a specialized cloud through online backup service.
  • Flexible storage capacity. You may easily expand the size of your online storage according to your current needs, without any trouble or delay.
  • Encryption and protection. All the data stored on the cloud are strongly encrypted and servers keeping these data are all secured from any hardware or network peril existed. The exchange of data between user and the cloud backup service is highly protected, too.
  • Easy to use. The cloud operating through the standard interface of Handy Backup, with almost no extra effort to apply it. Backup and restoring using the cloud service are very fast and quite transparent to the user.
  • Activity control. Cloud software informs the user about any operation proceeded via E-mail notification, and all program operations are written to the dedicated log.
  • Worldwide accessibility. You can backup or restore your files anytime and anywhere, where you can find a stable connection to Internet. No more you depend upon your local backup infrastructure, such as home NASes or direct-attached backup devices.
  • Tech support and troubleshooting. Strong all-time technical support is included in the price tag of all Handy Backup products; so the HBdrive online backup storage service is under the all-time watch of professional troubleshooting and supporting staff, too.
  • Affordability. The account on HBdrive.com is quite affordable for any user; meanwhile, you will no longer need to purchase costly backup devices and media, nor do you need to have some trained staff to use these devices correctly for data saving and restoration. The Handy Backup software does automatically all the operations needed.

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