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Server Backup Software - Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup Server is powerful server backup software specially designed for the management of workstation backup via centralized server.

This centralized backup is the perfect solution for companies that need a reliable yet easy-to-use Windows server backup for the entire office network, or for any of network workstations.
All workstation backup tasks are accomplished on a client-server scheme, where the entire network backup is managed by a central backup server. With the Novosoft server backup software, your network backup is perfectly automated and absolutely invisible for users.

Handy Backup is the server backup software that enables you to save and restore files on both central server and remote workstations. Data may be stored on multiple servers and workstations, or you can store the files on a central server, thus requiring no disk space on client computers.

During server backup, your critical data can be automatically saved on any type of storage, including flash drives, FTP, SFTP, NAS or LAN. Special add-ons may be used by Handy Backup Server to facilitate the centralized backup of Microsoft Outlook, system registry, browser settings, and others.


Automation of server backup lowers the probability of errors and blunders.
You can set up any appropriate backup schedule for your server backup.
Users remain undisturbed from their work while the computer network backup is on.
You can extend the system to any number of workplaces to take part in automated client/server backup.

Key features

Hyper-V Backup
VMware Backup
MS SQL Backup
MySQL and MariaDB Backup
MS Exchange Backup
Oracle Server Backup
Hot database server backup through ODBC protocol
This is only a part of the list of what our server backup software is able to do. For more information, see our product Website: Handy Backup Server Network