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Main Features of NERPA Computerized Maintenance Management System

The CMMS software NERPA Asset Management contains some modules and functions, each dedicated for performing a specific featured task for enterprise asset management.

EAM Modules

  • Asset management is for a detailed description of the assets, material and technical basis of asset maintenance management, scheduling and cost estimates for various types of work including preventive maintenance, asset management training and so on;
  • Materials management is for integration of EAM software with procurement management system, registration of receipt of materials, components and spare parts in the warehouses, keeping specifications of different asset management resources, for ordering management.

EAM Functions

  • Cost optimization: allows inventory management, calculation of the cost of services and materials, budgeting, tracking financial and logistical data;
  • Organizing crucial information: the process of creation of related references and directories, providing storage and use of database of legal documents, tracing the history of the work;
  • Effective management: includes human resources management (HRMS), organizing automated workplaces (AWS) for employees, tracking and reporting for planning and training costs;
  • Reporting: automatically generating reports on financial management issues and on the activities of the various structures and services within the enterprise.

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