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Metrology Software NERPA for Automating Gauge Calibration Management

This solution automates all metrological works on an enterprise, accounts all assets and gauges, and helps planning, optimizing and managing different aspects of an enterprise-level metrological service.
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Key Features of NERPA Solution

The NERPA solution contains some features and functions allowing fully automating gauge control and asset management:
Maintenance and gage calibration software tools.
Basic Gage Entry – the main record for each gauge allowing tracking its issue and location.
Measurement Detail – tracking measurement methods and procedures implemented with a gage.
Calibration Schedules – detailed work orders and time scheduling for gauge calibration.
Calibration Tracking – controlling different aspects and exact time of particular gage calibration.
Planning and controlling metrological activity including gauge management.
Managing additional metrological operations.
Inventory Management – tracking, reporting and managing stored inventory assets.
Creating reports and analyzing the effectiveness of metrological operations.
Enterprise asset management.
Financial and budget accounting.

Advantages of NERPA Metrology Software

Simple-to-use Web Interface

The intuitive-looking Web interface allows quick learning and effective using. All operations of browsing, taking and entering the information needed are fast and convenient for users. The solution has no requirements for a specialized client or a workstation, and uses a standard browser for interface operations.

System Integration

This metrology management software fully integrates with other solutions for automating different business processes, e.g. SAP TORO.

Quick Adaptability

The structure and functions of the NERPA system can be quickly re-adapted for changing requirements, including laws, customs, report forms and other.

Open Architecture

The architecture of the NERPA metrology software allows quick redesigning and rewriting, as well as creating any necessary extra functions, according to the demands of a customer.

Working in a Cloud

A cloud version reduces the cost of hardware and network needed. This version executes on its own cloud server, and users can access to it via the Web interface.

Technical Support, Service and Teaching Personnel

For all NERPA users, the help service can install and configure software, as well as import existing databases in XML. Some forms of teaching users working with ASOMI metrology software are available. For a lifetime, there are also the phone and email consulting for any user questions available.

Time-Unlimited License

The NERPA software has a license unlimited by time, which means the product can be used for any time the customers need it. No extra fees or commissions for continuous using of the product are present.

You may try the power of NERPA receiving a free trial. To do it or learn more, please contact us by E-mail: sales@novosoft.net

Software Compliance

NERPA metrology management software meet the requirements of all main related standards worldwide, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9004:2010, ISO 55000:2014. The data representation model fully meets the principles and requirements of a CIM open standard data model.

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