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The Manufacturing Management Information System – NERPA Solution

NERPA solution is a CMMS software that can serve for manufacturing asset management in different areas of industry. Implementing it can reduce the downtime and costs, increase the overall manufacturing management efficiency, remove human errors and make a job comfortable.
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Advantages of Automated Manufacturing Asset Management

The manufacturing management program allows realizing any business strategy to meet customer demands, create high-quality products and reduce costs and risks for any industry. Some crucial implementations of digital asset management in manufacturing are:
Combining all asset management actions in one single, integrated solution;
Tracking and allocating all required materials, spare parts and consumables;
Controlling enterprise staff, manufacturing management tools and labors;
Creating manufacturing management reports and logs, as well as work orders;
Keeping prices, vendors, warranty terms, laws, regulations and other documents;
Handling preventive maintenance (PM) works and different unplanned events;
Merging work orders into flawless chains of asset management for manufacturing.

Key Features of NERPA Asset Management Solution

NERPA CMMS is the modular, integrated asset management software for manufacturing enterprises, which meets all the requirements and advantages described above. As a manufacturing management solution, NERPA software brings the following advantages and benefits for users:

Minimal System Requirements

Our solution is undemanding to server resources. The client side (a workplace for each employee) uses the Web interface for all operations, allowing using a thin client or any computer as an endpoint workstation. An effective cloud version also available, requiring no server at all.

Enhanced Security and Comfort

Our software utilizes a role model for employees, strictly dividing rights, actions and available information for each role. This approach for asset management in manufacturing increases both enterprise security and the comfort of each user, due to eliminating unnecessary options.

Modular Architecture

Specialists of Novosoft, LLC can quickly adopt NERPA software for any management manufacturing requirements, using the modular architecture of this software. The program also integrates with other solutions, creating a continuous workflow for business processes.

Changing and Tuning

Administrators and users can tune the solution to meet changing requirements in asset management for manufacturing industry. Reports, regulations and references can be quickly rewritten and renewed, according to new conditions, documents and rules.

These and other advantages of NERPA solution make it a perfect tool for manufacturing asset management in any industry. In addition to these features, Novosoft LLC provides a strong tech support, teaching for employees, system integration and business process tuning for its clients.
Purchase NERPA Asset Management solution as the manufacturing management information software for your enterprise, and see the might, comfort and financial benefits of our product!