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Backup Software for Windows - Handy Backup™

Handy Backup Handy Backup is the one of most stable, most easy and most affordable backup and restoration utilities on the market! Plan the data keeping strategy for any types of your data and realize it with incomparable level of comfort through the classic-looking, intuitive-level interface allowing you to create and to schedule any different backup or restoration task just in few clicks.

Acknowledged as the powerful tool for safekeeping and synchronize, the Handy Backup software package already wins some prestigious awards on different events and contests worldwide. Reviews always mark different aspects of Handy Backup from well-established up to best of the class, with the five-star score as the common appraise.

Handy Backup is designed for home and business uses.

Possibilities and benefits

  • Compatibility. Handy Backup are fully compatible with all actual editions of Microsoft Windows such as: Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2).

  • Expandability. The wide spectrum of plug-ins, both built-in and selling as extensions, allows automatize backup with almost any common data type in the world: back up databases, movies, E-mails, Microsoft Exchange data, Skype calls, messenger logs, photos, documents and so on. Of course, these options include the possibility to copy the system registry and system data files, and to easily create backup image of an entire hard disk if you need it.

  • Speed and comfort. Handy Backup performs all data-saving operations through the process called hot backup, so there is no need to close working files or stop the overall activity to perform the save. Restoration of data, that keeps much time for users. Both backup and restoration are controlled through the same simple interface.

  • Selection of media. With Handy Backup you can choose the destination for data backed up among many options: local and network drives, network-attached storage devices, FTP or secured SFTP/FTPS online storages, clouds, example, backup to Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, Dropbox etc.

  • Security. Strong encryption of all data proceeded and transferred, applied through the intricate BlowFish algorithm, effectively protect your valuable data from any hazardous network activity. You may also compress the backup data so your saved files will demand significantly less size to keep.

  • Clear control. The interface of Handy Backup is classical to look and very simple to use, making no needs for any special knowledge to use this software correctly. All operations performed by Handy Backup are recorded in the special log file. You may also order the program to send you notifications about backup or restoring activity on E-mail.

  • Affordability. You can choose from five different versions of Handy Backup, according to your needs and desires, to accomplish all the backup goals you need without an extra effort or too heavy price tag. See the section below to decide what the version of Handy Backup may be yours. The price signed is real with no extra payments or terms. License is lifetime (include all updates of the main edition). The strong technical support provided by Novosoft LLC, already included in the price tag, can solve any of your problems with backup or restoration of data through this software.
Download Handy Backup

Try all the power and comfort of Handy Backup by downloading the free trial version (30 days of free use)!

What Edition Can Match Your Needs?

These are five versions of Handy Backup, oriented on different tasks and IT infrastructures.

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Standard

It is the most basic version specially designed for home users. It can easily backup any valued data from the single computer, or restore the data previously saved without much effort. You may easily expand the functionality of this version by ordering some plug-ins your need.

Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Professional

Aimed to solve troubles of an advanced user, this edition of Handy Backup allows creating disk images, backup some databases and more. It also equipped with a healthy bunch of controlling and security options.

Handy Backup Small Server

Handy Backup Small Server

Specifically designed to fit the typical needs of the home or small business server, this edition can perform the backup of MS Exchange server data, almost all types of databases, some business and communication files and much more just out-of-the-box. This is the heavy-duty package effectively protecting the server data from all mishaps and accidents.

Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup Network

This centralized solution allows you to backup and restore data from all the workstations in your local network. Protect files, folders and HDD images from just the single control point.

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Server Network

The most versatile and powerful edition of Handy Backup, this software can organize the data safekeeping on entire network include servers, data storage units and many workstations. It allows controlling backup and restoration operations from single control interface, to ease the way of any dutiful system administrator.

You can learn more about Handy Backup on the official product site.

Handy Backup