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RTF to XML Converter

RTF to XML Converter

RTF TO XML converts RTF documents (for example, MS Word documents saved in the Rich Text format) into well-formed XML, PDF, HTML, PostScript, TXT, PCL, SVG, AWT, Print, MIF and other printable and viewable formats.

Using special rules of transformation of RTF formatting elements to the FO ones, RTF TO XML composes well-formed XML documents or XSL & XML pairs in line with the XSL FO specification. This transformation preserves the internal structure and appearance of the initial documents in the best possible way.

Operated from a Graphics User Interface, or a command line, or through Java™ API, RTF TO XML converter can be used as a standalone application or as a part of your own solution. There are Standard, Professional, Site and OEM RTF TO XML converter licenses available.


  • To convert RTF documents into different well-formed formats
  • The constructed RTF DOM is much simpler in use than the original RTF documents
  • If a RTF document has logical errors or some RTF-commands are used in inappropriate places, the builder tries to recover errors and constructs a well-structured RTF DOM.

Key features summary

  • - Converts RTF documents to XML ones preserving initial document internal structure and appearance
  • - Coverts your RTF documents to XML, PDF, HTML, PostScript, TXT, PCL, SVG, AWT, Print, MIF and other formats
  • - Allows creating XSL template pairs containing formatting and the XML files containing textual data from your RTF files. You can use a range of criteria for data extraction
  • - Multilingual support(23 RTF code pages and 17 font character sets are supported)
  • - Supports tables, tabs, pictures, watermarks, colors and many other formatting features
  • - Allows composing cycles using specially marked entries in the RTF file
  • - Compatible with popular XSL FO rendering tools
  • - Easy for use Graphics User Interface
  • - Pure Java™ product, Linux and Win32 command line interface
  • - Integrates into server and desktop applications through Java™ API.

Official web site: RTF to XML Converter

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RTF TO XML RTF TO XML converter is the best solution for conversion RTF to PDF, RTF to HTML, RTF to XSL FO for corporations and individuals.