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Powerful Linux Image Backup for Mixed OS Networks Solution Functionality Announced by Novosoft


Novosoft LLC, the provider of data backup program, released new functionality for the Handy Backup program. The solution is to bring Linux server backup for computers in mixed OS networks.

Alliance, Ohio, February 7, 2011 - Novosoft, the provider of data backup software solutions, introduced a project for the Handy Backup program evolution. The software is to present the long-awaited backup of Linux workstations managed via a network from Windows PCs. The update is arriving as a module of a overall utility development actions directed toward mixed operating system network backup control, also bringing remote Linux system backup and a set of other advanced options.

"It is data that is primarily important, not the architecture. Corporate computer networks of now are varied. There are users who traditionally work Windows OS and those who like Linux. Lately there also arrived mobile gadgets which get a component of those networks too, in some meaning. Up to a time point, the difference in platforms made it a problem for the backup to proceed in such various operating system networks. But not anymore. Handy Backup is providing a smart update: backup of both Windows and Linux workstations remotely in a network ," shared Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

The introduced solution of Handy Backup software is providing professional server backup functions. The soon to arrive software update will support to back Linux workstations, managing the job over a network from a Windows computer.

Among other reported improvements there is the decentralization of network backup controls. Founded on client-server architecture, previously Handy Backup has been featuring centralized controls: the administration of all backup tasks was worked from a single network administrator machine working under Windows. Now an ability to organize a data backup from any computer in the mixed OS network is coming.

With regard to previously announced and developed functionality, like Linux image backup, the software is one of the strongest utilities on the enterprise backup utility market.

Read more about Handy Backup Software on the official site.