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The new version of NERPA Gage Calibration Program is already available!

A new version of the popular NERPA software designed to automate the work of metrologists is already available to users for purchase. In the new version, a lot of work algorithms have been improved and modified, the system for filling in data and reporting documentation has been brought up to modern requirements.
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The most important updates in the new version of the program include: smart search for an object in the "Installation object" field, automatic assignment of the person responsible for the installation in case of a group change of the SI status, the ability to work with NERPA software in Oracle DBMS versions older than 12r, as well as the use of a SI standard record card that meets the requirements of FGIS "Arshin". Also, the functionality of the program interface has been improved and new fields for SI cards have been added, which are necessary to comply with modern requirements for accounting for metrological measuring instruments (for example, the procedure for accounting for spare parts and consumables for SI has been improved). This version of the software can be used on Linux.

Taking into account many years of practical experience in operating the system at dozens of enterprises, the new version of gage management software has been developed. While working on this version, the questions and desires of the system users, who worked with the ASOMI program in different industries, were taken into account.

About metrology management solution

Handy Backup 8.2.2 and all later versions will now include automatic Windows firewall setup for 64-bit versions of OS. Previously this feature was only implemented into 32-bit versions. As of now, it is no longer required to manually set up firewall for Handy Backup during the first start of the program.