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Hard Disk Drive Imaging and Cloud Storage Among Corporate Data Backup Trends in 2011 Reports Novosoft


Novosoft LLC, a provider of acclaimed data backup tools, introduced a report on business data backup trends in 2011 and predictions for server backup strategies in 2012.

Alliance, Ohio, January 17, 2012 - Novosoft, a multinational company specializing software and consultant, announced an annual report on the most notable data backup trends in 2011 and predictions for backup tools and services in 2012. The company reports disk imaging, ease of software use for large data backup over a network, and cloud storage featuring cost and zero downtime to be at the top of the trend list. Among predictions for 2012, there are tools for enhancing the efficiency of server backup strategies, like Unix FUSE for Windows, CORBA standards for distributed applications, and smart virtualization.

"There have been plenty of clouds and virtualization in conversation on business data backup in 2011. But that is just the surface. If you try to see the whole picture, there are many other interesting business data backup trends," said Aleks Dow, the head of Novosoft Analytics Department.

"Take disk imaging plus with the option of storing only the system files and registry (storage space saving mode). New combination of common stuff based on smart usage of technologies are what brought the interesting and successful business server backup strategies in 2011 and promise much in 2012," added Mr. Dow.

Novosoft's annual report introduces an in depth analysis of business data backup tools and services which trended in 2011. The analysis is given through the scope of Handy Backup software evolution in 2011, software user requests and feedback on backup server services, Handy Backup competitor analysis by Novosoft analysts, and reports by acclaimed expert (Gartner Research group among others).

The featured report indicate a significant enhancement in the efficiency of the newly established network server backup strategies. In 2011 there were advanced disk imaging with options for saving storage space and assisting system migration between hardware, zero downtime and instant recovery via virtual machine support, and notable growth in cloud storage usage.

The implementation of novel technologies for the Handy Backup software in 2011 brought plug-ins for system only backup, CORBA for server workstation backup interaction, hot backup for multiple types of data (e.g. Outlook online backup), browsing of backup archives as if they were directories on a local disk, Exchange and MS SQL Server backup, and many other features.

Among predictions for 2012, Novosoft experts name evolution of system cloning, new enterprise class cloud backup solution vendors emerging the market, and more recent technologies getting combined for backup efficiency (like Linux Knoppix and Naked Objects boosting disaster recovery).

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