Handy Backup Version 8.5: Workstation for Linux Systems and Plugin Updates for PostgreSQL
and FTP Servers

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Dear users, Handy Backup version 8.5 is now ready for download! In this update, we've improved the program's features to offer you even more reliable and user-friendly data backup. Feel free to download the free trial version right away and experience all the enhanced functionalities of our application!
30-day fully functional trial period

In the Handy Backup 8.5 release, we've introduced a workstation tailored for Linux systems and enhanced the MySQL plugin to ensure compatibility with MySQL 8.1. Additionally, we've fine-tuned the capabilities of both the PostgreSQL and FTP server plugins.

A New Workstation for Linux

Within our Server Network solution, we've introduced a dedicated workstation tailored for Linux systems. This workstation can seamlessly integrate with the control panel operating under the Windows OS, facilitating the process of creating backups for your Linux files.

MySQL 8.1 Support

The MySQL Backup plugin now supports compatibility with the latest version of MySQL 8.1. It's essential to mention that in order to work with MySQL version 8.1 and above, you must run Handy Backup in 64-bit mode.

PostgreSQL Plugin Update

Moreover, we've optimized the performance of the PostgreSQL database plugin for seamless PostgreSQL backup. Previously, the program had limitations when backing up tables and databases containing non-Latin characters. In the latest version, these restrictions have been removed, and Handy Backup can now process data regardless of the language and characters used in table and database names.

FTP Server Plugin Enhancements

In addition, we've improved the program's interaction with FTP servers, allowing support for files containing non-Latin characters. Users can now confidently and securely create FTP backup of files, regardless of their names or encoding.