Handy Backup 8.1: Centralized Network Agent Installation from the Program

Centralize Backup Software
Dear customers! We are glad to tell you that we update the Handy Backup solution to a new version 8.1! In this version, you can install remote Network Agents just from the main Management Panel machine of the Server Network edition. You have no need to move physically to a remote computer for installation, or use third-party software for centralized deployment of Network Agents to any quantity of remote machines in a local network.
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Centralized Installation of Network Agents from the Main Console

The Handy Backup Server Network solution now allows not only configuring, but also directly installing Network Agents from the Management Panel machine. It simplifies and speeds up the installation process, including deploying Network Agents in heterogeneous networks, as well as allows avoiding using third-party software solutions for network deployment. This can greatly reduce time and speed of installing operations, as well as helps avoiding human errors and security problems emerging due to inefficient or careless implementation of external software to sensitive network infrastructures.

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