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Handy Backup 8.0.2: Renewed PostgreSQL, WebDAV and FTP Plug-ins!

FTP and PostgreSQL Database Backup
The Handy Backup Development Team proudly presents a next update for its hottest, best-selling backup software - Handy Backup 8.0.2! The new version provides a fixed, optimized PostgreSQL plug-in with efficient recovery and a priority for using paths from in the PATH environment variable to seek utilities.
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It also enhances speed and stability of some other plug-ins such as WebDAV and FTP. And finally, it modifies the "About Handy Backup" window to display much more useful information for the current software copy than before.

Renewed Possibilities of PostgreSQL Plug-in

In this version, the PostgreSQL plug-in will search for utilities firstly by using paths provided with the PATH environment variable. In addition, it allows more sturdy recovery process for PostgreSQL database backups by fixing some irregular troubles.

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Enhanced WebDAV and FTP Plug-ins

In the version 8.0.2, some other plug-ins undergoes a renovation. Thus, the FTP Backup plug-in problem with restoring dropped connection is fixed, as well as the situation of occasional crashes of workstation processes related to the WebDAV plug-in.

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Extra Data in "About Handy Backup" Window

The "About Handy Backup" window in the version 8.0.2 displays not only the current build and licensing data but also provides complete information about the current edition of Handy Backup and the list of extra plug-ins in use.
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