Handy Backup 8: Renewed GUI and
Enhanced Backup Speed!

Dear customers! Let us present you Handy Backup 8, the new, feature-packed key version of our data backup, recovery and synchronization program! In Handy Backup 8 we update the graphical user interface (GUI), made basic and advanced task wizard modes, increase speed of backup up to 27 times, provide simplified installation and updating, as well as renew MS SQL Server and Oracle Backup plug-ins.
Upgrade* to the newest Handy Backup 8 and enjoy all its possibilities and comforts - just now!

The New Modern GUI

This version contains a completely renewed graphical user interface (GUI), which looks now more modern, elegant and simple for users. A unified color scheme, big buttons and well-developed system of main and context menu provide all necessary components to make, control and govern any backup, recovery or synchronization activity. Most principal actions in a new interface model require only a single click to perform.
Handy Backup 8: main window first program start

Speeding up Backup and Recovery

Handy Backup 8 provides many internal updates for quick data transferring. For some cloud storage independent tests show a result of speeding backup operations up to 27 times, as well as up to 9 times for recovering multiple files from storage!

Simple and Advanced Task Wizard Modes

Another feature of the version 8 is a possibility to select between simple and advanced task wizard modes. In a simple mode you can use only most frequent functions of a new task, which allows quickly set up a typical backup or recovery task without extra efforts.

An advanced mode allows complete control over task parameters, trading extra few steps for a possibility to use any function or tool of Handy Backup in a new task.
Handy Backup 8: choose task type
Learn more about how to create the first task in simple or advanced mode in the User Manual.

Renewed Oracle and MSSQL Database Plug-ins

In Handy Backup 8, the plug-ins for Oracle and MS SQL Server database backup are configurable. This means that these plug-ins exchange data with corresponding databases in a logical level, instead of direct file copying from a local computer. In addition, these plug-ins now allow backup and recovery operations for any DBMS administrator, not only for system administrators as it was before.

* Note that upgrading from the version 7 to 8 requires payment. For details, please see Upgrading to Version 8.