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Handy Backup 7.9.6: Business Class for Cloud Backup Service


Amazon S3 Backup Software

The newest update of Handy Backup to the version 7.9.6 contains a couple of new and enhanced features oriented primarily on SoHo, corporate and expert individual users who want to keep their backups using the methods that match highest IT standards.

The new update from Novosoft LLC contains a completely revised Amazon S3 plug-in, which now can support authorization for accessing data by using the AWS4 protocol.

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The Renewed Amazon S3 Plug-in

The Amazon S3 cloud service has a big popularity among business and private users throughout the world, providing a secure, efficient and reasonably priced vault for any types of data, as well as giving a base for some other commercial clouds (such as Dropbox).

For backup to Amazon S3, Handy Backup contains a dedicated plug-in, which undergo a couple of enhancements and updates in the new version. The most obvious of these updates for user′s eye is a possibility to authorize an access through the AWS4 protocol. This function allows gaining an access to buckets created in such regions as Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Montreal, Mumbai, Ohio and Seoul.

Some other updates make data exchange with the cloud even more efficient and stable than before, due to utilization of different changes in cloud′s API of Amazon S3.

Other Cloud Backup Service Updates

The new Handy Backup 7.9.6 also contains a completely new plug-in for using another commercial cloud storage, as well as many other plug-ins renewed and refined, including Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive cloud backup tools. It also supports Xref for AutoCAD, 4shared, Box, BackBlaze and other popular cloud services, including any private and commercial cloud via WebDAV.

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