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Handy Backup Updates to 7.8.6: Email Backup Software via IMAP Protocol

Webmail Backup Software


The last update to Handy Backup, version 7.8.6, contains a completely new plug-in turning this popular utility into a fully functional email backup software, with a capability for backup webmail server information to any available storage, and automatically restore or even clone it!

The plug-in supports webmail backup from all modern email servers including such popular solutions as Outlook.com, Yahoo!Mail and Gmail backup.

Email Backup Software Plug-in: Concept and Capabilities

The new plug-in works over the IMAP protocol, providing direct webmail backup to any data destination. It saves messages in EML formats, which is clearly readable by many local email software clients.

Native formats email backup: saves messages in EML

In addition, it allows applying all functions of Handy Backup to the procedure of email backup from server, including using different backup methods, encryption and compression, versioning, scheduling by time or by an event, and so on.

Duplicating Message Data from E-mail Backup

This new feature allows not only copying and restoring E-mail backup data, but also cloning these messages to another mailbox or even to another email server existed. To do it automatically, just change the location in the restoration settings dialog. You will restore all your emails to a new location, effectively duplicating or cloning your email backup.

Download the latest version of Handy Backup just now, with a 30-days free trial period!

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