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Handy Backup 7.8: Google Drive Backup with New Plug-In


Starting from a new version Handy Backup 7.8.0, we include a new Google Drive Backup plug-in to all editions of Handy Backup. With this plug-in, a user can set up a Google Drive account as both a storage for backups or a data source to be backed up to some other place.

Advantages of a New Plug-in

The new Google Drive feature uses the direct access to the Google Drive storage, with no need for uploading backups to a local folder or for using some external synchronizing utility. It exchanges data directly between Google Drive cloud and another data storage selected in a task.

Besides that, users can select any configuration for this plug-in created previously to backup Google Drive or use it as a storage for as many task as they want. Being independent from other programs and utilities, a Google Drive backup and restore feature allows free access to these accounts.

Keeping Native Data Formats on a Google Drive

Native Data Formats Backup and Restore on a Google Drive

As any other data plug-in, a Google Drive backup feature uses a native data format for backups by default. This means you can browse, open and even restore any single file from your Google Drive backup dataset by itself, requiring no necessary restoration of all backup content.

Connect your Handy Backup to Google Drive and store your documents, photos, work files, NAS content and any other information you want at one of biggest, most advanced cloud services in the modern world, bringing the automatic Google Drive backup and restoration to your digital life!

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