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Renewed System Recovery, Hyper-V Backup and Preserving Data Attributes with Handy Backup 7.7.2


Dear friends! The newest version 7.7.2 of the ever-popular Novosoft product, Handy Bacjkup, brings some breaking technologies and a lot of minor changes, constantly upgrading the usefulness and the reliability of this amazing backup product.

Here is a short list of principal advantages and changes realized in a new version.

  • A completely new System Recovery plug-in allowing making drive images in a readable, bootable and executable VHD format;
  • A new Hyper-V backup tool, allowing external automated backup of Hyper-V virtual machines;
  • Preserving file attributes when copying data natively, allowing browsing backup content by such criteria as date and time of creation and/or of last change.

In addition, some internal algorithms used by Handy Backup were renewed or refined, to stay at the top of modern technological power. For example, we are renewed the “Network” tool, according to wishes of many users providing us some feedback, to set it even more reliable than it was!

The New “System Recovery” Plug-in

This new instrument can save your system image in a VHD format, which can be browsed by some file managers without a need for restoring it as a whole, or be written to some USB device to make a bootable disk, or even be executed as a ready-to-run VirtualBox virtual machine.

The Dedicated Hyper-V Backup Tool

A new plug-in can save images of Hyper-V virtual machines in a “hot” mode, using the Volume Shadow Copying service (VSS). This tool can take snapshots from any quantity of Hyper-V machines located in a single physical node (server), requiring almost no system resources.

Preserving Native Data Attributes when Copying Files and Folders

The new version of Handy Backup can keep intact all file attributes when making a backup. Therefore, users can seek files or folders they need in backup directories using these attributes, such as date and time of last modification for some specific file or folder. It can also make automated reports for managers and CEOs, providing the company staff and experts from outside a wholesale set of metrological data. Strong technical support during the deployment and continuous exploitation of the ASOMI solution, regular updates of effectiveness and compatibility, stability and convenience makes ASOMI software the highly demanded product among the different companies throughout the entire world.

Using Hottest and Most Improved Solutions

The version 7.7.2 continues the tradition of refining all components of Handy Backup, to provide a maximum of efficiency, reliability and stability in all aspects of the backup job. In this version, some components are tuned to a new peak of effectiveness, such as the “Network” plug-in.

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