Handy Backup 8.5.3: Update of PostgreSQL 16 library and SSL protocols for PostgreSQL and MySQL

SSL Database Backup Software
Hello everyone! We're excited to announce that Handy Backup version 8.5.3 now includes SSL connection capabilities for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Furthermore, we've enhanced the PostgreSQL backup plugin to ensure compatibility with PostgreSQL version 16.
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Secure SSL connection for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Handy Backup version 8.5.3 introduces SSL connection capabilities for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Users can now enhance the security of their connections by configuring SSL settings via a newly added "SSL" tab. This feature allows users to specify the SSL certificate authority file path and the client certificate, ensuring that data transmitted between the backup software and the databases is encrypted with SSL encryption. With this enhancement, users can exchange sensitive information with databases more securely, minimizing the risks of unauthorized access and data breaches.

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PostgreSQL 16 Support

The latest update introduces compatibility between Handy Backup and PostgreSQL version 16. Handy Backup offers numerous advantages when working with PostgreSQL databases. It allows for hot backup without interrupting server operations, maintaining normal performance and transactions. Data selection is automated through a unified plugin, making data management processes more convenient and efficient. Full automation via the plugin significantly simplifies the process without requiring interference with the DBMS operation. The update includes enhancements ensuring efficient and accurate backup of PostgreSQL 16 databases.

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